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We are a family run business proudly offering high quality NHS & Private dentistry in Derby.

Charming Smiles dental practice is said to be one of the oldest practices continuously open at the same location in Derbyshire. We are a family run business. The surgery was taken over in 2012 and we have been modernising the practice ever since.

At Charming Smiles we provide high quality treatments in a friendly and calming environment. In terms of dentistry our motto is ‘You name your needs and we will do it for You’. We are committed to continuing professional development and keeping up with changes in modern dentistry. Most of all we encourage preventive techniques, helping our patients to understand how to maintain the healthy mouth. We provide dental care for adults and children both on the NHS and privately. We are also a dental foundation training practice which means that we help newly qualified dentists prepare for their independent careers as dental professionals. We have a comprehensive team of 4 dentists supported by 5 highly trained dental nurses. Charming Smiles dental practice values feedback from patients and team members as we strive to provide the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

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People who only visit the Dentist when they have a problem 27%
Adults that have visible Plaque 66%
Adults that brush their teeth less than twice a day 25%
People who are frightened to visit the Dentist 14%
Don't be a Dental Statistic

Regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. And in between those examinations, it's important that you work to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. If you need additional help, your dentist may even suggest more frequent visits. Speak to us here at Charming Smiles and arrange to see one of our dentists.